• What Is Your Turnaround time?

    Standard Turnaround Time is 3-5 Business Days

  • How Much Are Repairs?

    Call us for specific pricing as each job requires specific needs.

  • Do You Do the Repairs?

    Yes, all the way down to component level repairs.  We do not outsource to a 3rd party.

  • Do you work only work on Eurotherm Products?

    No, While we do sell and repair a significant amount of Eurotherm products, we also service all other manufacturers and models.  If we can't repair it, you only pay shipping

  • Can you come to our Facility for Service?

    Absolutely!  While many repairs do not require on-site service, there are  occasionally some jobs that require more services such as installation and upgrades of a whole process line.

  • replacement unit Needed immediately, but can't wait for a repair.  What Are our Options?

    We can make arrangements to send you a new or used unit that is ready for use while we await the arrival of the faulty equipment that needs to be repaired.  This will cut your down time drastically.  Additional fees may be charged.

  • Can it be fixed?

    If you send us a unit for repairs, chances are we've fixed similar units before.  In the rare chance we can't, you only pay for shipping.



We ship primarily UPS, but can ship FedEX, DHL, or can make arrangements with other services.

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